ESSERY Family History

The ESSERY Family Tree

The family tree you access from this page has details of all the following contained within it:

You can see the same data in one of three forms:

In all three formats presented above, the basic underlying data is the same. It contains 1619 people in 488 families. The most common surnames in addition to ESSERY are BAKER, BRIDGMAN, JOLLER, PRICE and SCOTCHER. For some individuals you will also find various linked Notes about them.

I would be very interested in people's views on which of the above three methods of presenting the data have been found the most usable. If you have views please mail me

If you are interested in the tools we used to produce the above pages, we record the family history in a package called Family Tree Maker (, output it in GEDCOM format, remove all living individuals with GEDClean and then convert it to HTML with GED2HTML, GED2WWW or Dynamic Family Tree Compiler

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Updated: November 2000