ESSERY Genealogy & Family History

This is the home page for gaining access to the collection of information that has resulted from my research into the history of my family and my interest in the origins of the name ESSERY. If you are interested in the the Genealogy of the ESSERYs create a bookmark for this page!

From this home page you can access the following resources:


Essery Genealogy Index Page - For more information or if you have anything to add mail me

After 10+ years at Demon, this information is on the move from to its own Web site at (hosted by HostPapa). The name of this page is not intended to change again (well for 10 years at least) so it can be safely used as a bookmark for entering into my web pages on ESSERY Genealogy. Sorry if the move from Demon has inconvenienced you.

Last Updated: 25th January 2011