[NI0187] 1851 Census (HO107/1894 Folio 593) for Little Torrington has William working as Farm Labourer for an Anthony Judd farmer of 120 Acres

William is recorded as making his mark on the marriage certificate of his younger brother John, a ship's carpenter and journeyman shipwright when John married Mary Ann Joller in 1861.


[NI0189] 11 years old in 1861 census living in Langtree Parish at North Smallridge

[NI0190] 9 years old in 1861 census living in Langtree Parish at North Smallridge - ?Roger Wild's research

[NI0191] Lived with her father at the least after he was widowed

Her baptism is the only Ann Essery - daughter of Thomas and Mary - which indicates she was actually the eldest child and may have lied about her age in later life to disguise the fact she was most likely conceived before her parent’s marriage.

[NI0192] Little Torrington Baptism Register - 1st January 1832 - John son of Thomas and Mary Essery, Little Torrington town, Labourer, Peter Glubb (Rector);
Shared christening with Hannah daughter of John Essery & Mary Hartnell
Little Torrington Register of Burials - Entry 170: 4th March 1832 - John Essery, Taddiport, aged 3 months, Peter Glubb (Rector);

[NI0193] Little Torrington Baptism Register: · 6th April 1800 - Thomas son of Thomas and Elizabeth Essery;
Little Torrington Burial Register: Entry 569: 5th March 1870 - Thomas Essery, Village, aged 70, Charles de Ferney;

A search of the Civil Records marriage index for second marriage of THOMAS ESSERY (father of John Essery) to Lucy BEARE between the death of Mary Elliot in July 1848 and his death in March 1870 revealed only two marriages of Thomas Esserys in that time, one in Keynsham in Q2 1861 and the other in Portsea in Q2 1862. In neither case was there a corresponding entry for a Lucy BEARE. As the 1861 Census has Thomas Essery living in Little Torrington as Widower aged 62 with his daughter Ann Essery it is concluded that he did not re-marry after Mary Elliot died in middle age.

This marriage to Lucy Beare is supposedly recorded in a family bible held by Joan Howe nee Essery (qv).

These two facts do not appear to reconcile. A possible linking fact is the fact that Thomas Essery's death in 1870 was notified by Anne BEER (mark of). It was speculated that the Beare (or Beer) connection might be the married name of Thomas’ daughter Ann however a search Civil Marriage Records from 1861 (when Ann featured in the census with the surname Essery) to 1870 (when Thomas died) for the marriage of Ann Essery (daughter of Thomas and Mary Elliot) to a ? BEARE or BEER revealed nothing. It was later noted in looking in the 1861 Census there was an Ann Beer aged 42, wife of a Stephen Beer - an agricultural labourer living in Taddiport. It is therefore concluded that the Beer’s were close friends of the Essery’s.

In a telephone conversation on 30-April-1997 with Joan Howe she said that the Lucy Beare marriage was actually some jottings our grandfather had made when trying to work out the family history and as such could well be wrong.

[NI0194] a widow when she married Thomas Essery in 1826

Little Torrington Burial Record:
· Entry 338: 14th July 1848 - Mary Essery, Village, aged 55;
The death record (Entry 201 Great Torrington sub-district of Torrington registration district) records her age as 45 although this is also the age she gives in the 1841 census.

[NI0196] Based on the age of Thomas Andrews given on his certificate of marriage to Ada Huse and the date of her re-marriage to John Essery, it was possible to narrow a search in the Family Record Centre deaths index for Thomas Andrews. This search from December 1888 to June 1895 for death of Thomas Andrews - he was 45 in December 1888 - revealed two possibilities:
· June 1891: Thomas Andrews, 48, Wandsworth, Ref: 1d 457
· March 1893: Thomas Andrews, 50, Pontypridd, Ref: 11a 309

The death certificates of these two were ordered. The first of these was a master confectioner who died in London of Phthisis Exhaustion (tuberculosis). The second death in Tylerstown, Ystradyfodwy, Pontypridd was due to "Pressure on heart due to dilation of stomach by excessive drinking" and was the subject of a coroner's inquest by Coroner for Glamorgan on 12th January 1893. The occupation given on the death certificate was Mason which ties in with the occupation on his marriage certificate.

Unfortunately the Coroner's records for Glamorgan in the 1890s have not survived. Pontypridd library was visited on 21st February to look through microfilm copies of the local papers for January 1893. This revealed the following article in the Pontypridd Chronicle of January 20th 1893 in column one of the back page:

SUDDEN DEATH - On Wednesday evening Thos. Andrews, mason, lodging at 185 (sic) East Road, was found dead in bed by J. Jenkins, landlord of the house. Deceased had been seen alive about ten o'clock on the preceding night, when, it is stated, he was under the influence of drink. The landlady fancied she heard him moving about in the bedroom at ten o'clock on the following morning but she made no inquiries as to his condition. Immediately after arriving home the landlord went upstairs for the purpose of giving to Andrews a letter which had been delivered by the postman and, finding him apparently dead, sent at once for Dr. Morris, who, after examining the body, concluded that death had taken place a few hours previously.

A copy of the article is filed with the death certificate. A search of the other Pontypridd local paper of the time revealed an article worded almost identically except that it had the correct address - 175 East Road.

A search of the 1891 Census for both 175 and 185 East Road, Tylorstown revealed no significant entries.

[NI0197] Little Torrington Burial Record:
· Entry 125: 18th July 1827 - Mary Essery, Taddiport, aged 41, Peter Glubb (Rector);

[NI0198] Little Torrington Burial Record:
· Entry 219: 16th April 1837 - William Essery, Taddiport, aged 51, Peter Glubb (Rector);

[NI0199] Twin of Betty

[NI0200] Twin of Kitty

1851 Census:
3 Taddiport, Little Torrington
John Short, Head, married, 63, Pensioner, born Little Torrington
Grace Short, Wife, married, 53, Gloveress, born Little Torrington
Mary Ann Short, daughter, unmarried, 19, Gloveress, born Little Torrington
Elizabeth Short, daughter, unmarried, 17, Dressmaker, born Little Torrington
Fanny Short, daughter, unmarried, 15, Gloveress, born Little Torrington
Elizabeth Essery, sister-in-law, unmarried, 61, workwoman, born Little Torrington

Little Torrington Burial Record:
· Entry 401: 5th May 1854 - Elizabeth Essery, Taddiport, aged 63, E.M. Burrow;

[NI0201] Little Torrington Burial Record:
· Entry 148: 14th March 1830 - Thomas Essery, Taddiport, aged 67;

[NI0205] Roger Wild suggests Joan was buried on the same day as his father John - there is no evidence in the burial register to support this.

[NI0208] Roger Wild suggests John was buried on the same day as his daughter Joan - there is no evidence in the burial register to support this.

[NI0209] Collacott is a place on the Ordnance Survey map reference SS459153

[NI0210] Inscription on headstone in Langtree Churchyard (present in August 1982) reads: "Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth daughter of Simon and Maria Joller, late of this parish who died on the 10th day of March 1859 aged 23 years. Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord"

[NI0211] Headstone in Langtree Churchyard (present August 1982) reads: "Sacred to the memory of Humphry son of Simon & Maria Joller late of this parish who died on the 18th day of January 1868 aged 29 years. But God will redeem my soul from the power of the grave: for he shall receive me."

[NI0213] Roger Wild writes:
"The Mormon records for Devon have been obtained from Marjorie Bach's (qv) New Zealand relatives. Samuel (Simon) Joller could be the direct son of Elizabeth and an unknown father as shown in this tree or Elizabeth's brother Thomas could have married yet another Elizabeth with Samuel Joller their son. Simon Joller at his christening only has Elizabeth mentioned as a parent, so the family tree assessment shown is favoured. If Thomas had been his father he must have died before the christening took place. There could however be no relationship at all."

The inscription on his headstone in Langtree Churchyard (present August 1982) reads: "Erected to the memory of Simon Jolla of this parish who died on the 27th day of April 1851. The Lord giveth and the Lord hath taken away; Blessed be the name of the Lord. Job 1:21."


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