[NI0214] Roger Wild believes Maria buried in Langtree Cemetery just before birth of grand-daughter Annie Maria Bach (nee Essery) in 1869. There is no tombstone.

[NI0221] Twin of Grace?

1851 Census (HO107/1894 Folio 487) shows an entry thus:
"4 Taddiport, Little Torrington
John Essery, Head, married, 53, Carpenter, born Little Torrington"
no evidence of any family....

[NI0222] Twin of John?

[NI0223] This Henry Essery is the root of World Family Tree Pedigree 1650

WFT Ped 1650 has this as Henry Essery I dying in Sheepwash 22-Nov-1772 having married Susanna Mallett in Shebbear in on 22-Jan-1749/50. Is the Joan Hellings actually Joan - his mother?

[NI0228] Little Torrington Burial Record:
Entry 158: 27th March 1831 - Frances Essery, Taddiport, aged 75;

[NI0233] Baptism entry - Little Torrington:
7th February 1800 - Thomas base son of Ursula Essery;
Burial entry - Little Torrington
24th February 1800 - Thomas Essery (the infant base son of Ursula Essery?)

[NI0249] Executed a will which was proved 4 July 1832 (SRO/BURY ref. IC500/2/107 Case XI 2D-P.7, p.258; estate sub-1500) mentions Letitia, daughter of son William

[NI0251] Ambrose was a Churchwarden at Somerton for 30 years. No issue mentioned in his will which he executed 10 July 1837 and which was proved 30 Aug 1837 (SRO/BURY ref. IC500/2/109 Case XIII 2D-P.9, p67; estate sub-800) mentions William son of brother William

[NI0253] Existence of children shown (and others?) proven by wills of elder brother Ambrose and father Ambrose (qv)

[NI0264] Parents youngest daughter

[NI0270] The death of Mr James Bridgman at Stansfield on 28 December 1844, aged 70, was the subject of an inquest at which the Bury St Edmunds coroner recorded a verdict that death was "by the Visitation of God".

[NI0273] twin to Elizabeth

[NI0279] Descendents from Susanna Bridgman are uncertain as there is conflicting information in Edward Baker's document - the alternative scenario is that she had no issue.

[NI0291] twin to Isaac

[NI0293] Headstone of grave in situ in 1985 in north sector of Churchyard; its by then largely illegible MI is noted in SCI-J.426/4

[NI0294] Eldest daughter of John Eagle & Hannah Parsey/Pawsey

[NI0304] Residing with her sister Ellen Webb at Denston prior to her marriage?

[NI0311] a minor and illiterate when married

[NI0328] The Will executed on 26 March 1846 was evidently prompted by the death of his youngest son 7 days earlier (vide the special provision for his four orphaned grandchildren). The Will was proved at Sudbury on 3 December 1846, the executors being his second wife (Ann) and eldest surviving son John.

[NI0329] Eldest daughter and fourth child of her parents
The headstone of her grave, with legible MI, was in situ in the S. sector of the Churchyard in 1985


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