[NI0333] Founder of the firm J. Bridgman & Son, Linen Drapers of Sudbury, and subsequently a councillor, alderman and magistrate (JP) of that borough.

[NI0334] eldest daughter of her parents

[NI0338] eldest daughter of her parents

[NI0342] Third daughter and third child of Thomas Smith JP of Sudbury, by his second wife Mary (nee Carter); and a great granddaughter of the late Edward Fitch of Steeple Bumpstead

[NI0345] Her severe burning in a nursery accident is said to have precipitated her father's death

[NI0350] fourth son and fourth child of his parents

[NI0355] Eileen was 2nd Daughter and 4th Child

A great grand-daughter of Robert Cain of Co. Cork and Liverpool (vide Burke, Peerage etc. under Brocket, B., & vide also Franklyn, C.A.H., A short genealogical history of the family of Gray of Billiericay, etc. 1932, P.128 and ff.)

[NI0356] Edward Baker has done the majority of the Research on the Bridgeman part of this Family Tree and his Descendant tree has provided a significant part of the material input to this database. His endeavours in researching the Baker and Bridgeman family trees is gratefully acknowledged.

[NI0386] Eldest daughter and eldest child of her parents

[NI0395] only son of John Crick Freeman

[NI0398] Immediately after taking her Matriculation at the start of the summer holidays of 1925, when she had just turned 17, Muriel caught Typhoid. It was an isolated case and the source was never traced but it was assumed to be from swimming in the sea at Southwold shortly before the end of term. Muriel was very ill, spent several weeks in hospital and missed the entire Christmas term. When she returned in the January she had slipped so far behind she found it impossible to catch up and, as a result, abandoned the languages course she was following and left school at Easter 1926.

In 1934? she went on a 16 day Mediterranean cruise with her Mother leaving from Southampton and visiting Nice, Morocco and the Spanish coastline of Barcelona from where they could hear the gunfire of the Spanish Civil War. In Nice they visited the Casino.

These notes were made following a conversation with Muller on a visit to New Trees on 9th April 1997

[NI0411] parents second daughter

[NI0421] Time at St Andrews Islington (1867-93) possible interrupted with a period as Vicar of St James's, Bath (vide Crockford, 1886)

1865-1867: Curate at St Philip's Arlington Square, London
1867-1869: Curate at Chapel of Ease in Islington
1869-1872: Curate at St Andrew's, Islington
1872-1893: Vicar of St Andrew's, Islington
1893-1896: Vicar of Bishopstone (Sussex)

[NI0429] no children (DSP)

[NI0432] His Will, the execution of which was witnessed at Clare on 1 June 1869 by his elder sister Ellen Webb, and which was proved at Liverpool by his widow on 4 November 1869 makes no reference to issue.

[NI0434] Between marriages she appears to have lived with her widowed Uncle John Bridgman JP

[NI0441] fifth daughter of her parents

[NI0460] In 1851 Census resided with her step grand-daughter Sarah Ann, resided latterly at Little Thurlow with her step granddaughter Ellen - "a daily governess"

[NI0462] Alderman and twice mayor of Bury St Edmunds

On the day of his death the Bury and Norwich Post noted that "to his own industry, under Providence, he owed the position which he attained, and through many trials of an extraordinarily large family, of whom one married daughter alone survives, he has supported by his integrity and humble-minded submission (and) ... ever ready to do acts of kindness towards those who need assistance"

One supposes there were issue additional to those shown.

[NI0504] Founded a named branch of Hampshire section Family History Society. Membership No. 3417. Has collected over 2000 Esserys!


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